Customer Satisfaction implementation

What is CSAT, and how to measure it for customer facing businesses.

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by TheDrill

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is a customer loyalty metric used by companies to gauge how satisfied a customer is with a particular interaction or overall experience. 

Steps for creating a well-structured CSAT strategy

Define a goal and metrics, once you created a customer experience roadmap  

Create a customer satisfaction survey, using the following logic (refer to these examples to get started): 

Announce the reason of conducting survey from the start 

Apply the KISS rule (Keep It Short and Simple), 2 – 3 questions maximum 

Make it easy for customers to leave you a review 

Use either a number scale to measure the score of satisfaction or open-ended questions to drill down into their opinion 

If need be, offer an incentive for each review, monetary (discount for future purchases, vouchers) or non-monetary (personalized “thank you” message) 

Choose a method – after each relevant interaction (purchase) or following a timeframe (every 3 months for recurring purchases):

Website form surveys 

In-message surveys 


Phone calls (note that most preferred methods for customers are online surveys) 

Choose the right Customer Satisfaction Software, preferably a “one stop solution” to build the survey, send it, collect and analyze the data 

Collect the data and create a dashboard to visually reflect the results 

Analyze all the results, and highlight the metrics that need urgent improvement 

Turn conclusions into an actionable plan for improvement:

Communicate the results internally 

Identify your unhappy and at-risk customers and fix their issues first 

Ramp up Customer Support training 

Set up methods to service the previous frustrated customers better 

Close outstanding cases more efficiently 

Conducting a new survey

Adjust your questions to be even more relevant to the case study and your customers

Check in with customers who have answered your surveys

Collect new survey results 

Analyse results comparing the data with the original benchmark score to measure your improvement and plan future surveys