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An end-to-end process for HR Recruitment professionals and Hiring Managers to create a successful hiring process.

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by TheDrill_Team

Building an Employer Branding Strategy

Build your Employer Branding strategy to make your organization as appealing and attracting as possible for future hires. The strategy should refer to:

Content relevant to your audience

Frequency (consider posting 2 – 3 times per week for a better exposure)

Channels: website/career page, social media

Ways to measure engagement

Build the hiring strategy and create the roadmap for an ideal candidate experience. Craft a staffing plan together with the hiring manager, including:

Roles and responsibilities

Nice-to-have and must-have skills and traits


Deliverables & targets

Work schedule and location (part time / full time / flexible / freelance / remote / office / hybrid remote and office)

Timeline for hiring

Check to see if a referral staff program is in place and could apply

Success measures

Get input from all important and relevant stakeholders

Creating and promoting a job description

Draft the Job Description using the above, in a concise yet clear and descriptive way, compelling manner. The JD should have either a professional or a friendly tone, depending on your organization.

Defining your tone of voice is important not just in how you form relationships with customers, but also with employees and other stakeholders. To identify your organization’s tone, refer to this resource.

Set up an ATS or review settings where applicable.

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software that enables the electronic handling of recruitment and hiring needs from receiving resumes to hiring employees. Some examples are Workday, Smartrecruiters, Recruitee.

Promote the Job Opening on the most relevant:

Job boards to your industry

Website on career page

Social media where applicable

If appropriate, consider outside the box channels, i.e. quora, reddit, IT forums for IT specialists

Test how easy it is for applicants to find your opening and apply, and make changes if needed

Source inactive candidates identifying where they are used to interact most often and engage them.

Screening process:

Review all applicants and determine next steps

If ATS is available, review the statuses

Notify all applicants that do not fit the position 

Interviewing & Hiring

Schedule first round interviews with the shortlisted candidates.

Prepare and coordinate internally with the candidates and other stakeholders.

Devise an interview questionnaire to further qualify the best talent matching your hiring  criteria.

Conduct interviews and determine top candidates, record relevant info, and compile candidate profile for the hiring manager.

Perform a background check if necessary. This should include:

Former employers

Legal Compliance

Pre-employment medical tests

Conduct an assessment to further identify and evaluate if your selected candidates meet the standards:

Behavior testing, i.e. DISC for reading personality key traits

Competency or skills testing, i.e. coding or hacking a system for IT personnel

Review together with the hiring manager the applications of the candidates that were selected for a further interview. Schedule a follow up interview between the candidate and hiring manager.

After the interview, agree with the hiring manager for the following:

Was the candidate successful? What's this?
― No

Give negative but constructive feedback, check to see if they will still be open for a different position later. If not, destroy their data records and keep proof of that.

Was the candidate successful? What's this?
― Yes

Offer the job to them, coordinate on the next steps for the onboarding.


Use analytics to track and measure “time to hire”, “quality of hire” and “cost per hire”. (here are a few analytics examples