Choosing to support a charity or NGO

Eliminate doubt when selecting a cause or an NGO to support through your business or as an individual.

Public Personal fundraising NGO

by TheDrill_Team

Shortlist NGOs

Make a list of causes that you're interested in and that you would like to support. 

List any NGOs you know/ or new ones for each cause.

Decide on the cause you'd like to support (first) with your donation.

Decide on the type of donation you'd like to make:

  • recurring
  • quarterly
  • one-time
  • for a specific project only
  • to support the organization's activity

Select an organization

Go to the organization's website and learn about:

  • the type of projects they do
  • the financial status of organization (government-funded, sponsored by a private company or through fundraising, etc)
  • the organization founders and team

Have they done any projects recently?

Are their projects well-documented, with data about the beneficiaries, locations, sponsors, results?

Do they communicate openly and frequently about their projects? On their website, on social media, in the press?

Does the organization have any reviews from stakeholders on their social media accounts? What's this?
― Yes

Are they rather positive or rather negative?

Do they specify on their website that they are looking to raise funds? What's this?
― Yes

Do they specify what the funds are for (specific project or organizational activity), how they will make an impact?

Do they have a newsletter? 

Do they regularly communicate their projects and results by email?

Do they send an annual report about their activity, funding, and project results?

Are they responsive to your request for details (by email, social media, on the phone)?