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Here's how Drills can help you improve your workflows:

Define flexible yet powerful procedures

Import your documents or create new ones within minutes.

With conditional logic, you have flexibility to define different paths for different contexts and adapt your workflows to evolving requirements.

Organize your knowledge and save time

Drills save your team valuable time searching for knowledge or information inside the company.

With automated workflows, everyone works more efficiently.

Secure your best processes

Prevent the knowledge your company acquires over time from becoming obsolete, unusable, or even getting lost.

Information stored in Drills can be easily searched, enriched, and consolidated over time.

Reduce risk and maintain compliance standards

Drills enable you to save a history of all past runs and interactions with a procedure, so you can automatically generate and save compliance records.

Discover our expert procedures:

Client onboarding

12 actions

Ensure a positive customer experience and smooth collaboration with these best practices for agency client onboarding.

Defining Customer Service KPIs

9 actions

Key metrics in Customer Service and how to design alignment between business objectives and performance.

Induction and Onboarding

9 actions

The difference between the two and how you can ace both with every hire.

How to write a blog article

32 actions

How to create well-optimized content for your blog, from research to publishing.

Select a CRM system

24 actions

A step-by-step guide to choosing a CRM system for a business that hasn’t used one before.

Crafting a customer experience roadmap

19 actions

How to create a realistic view of the journey your customers have with your brand, service, or product. Involves Marketing & Sales, Operations, Customer Service, Financing, and any other role dealing directly with customers.

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